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Close Up magazine for iPad

Close Up magazine for iPad

We have recently developed an iPad version of Close Up, the quarterly sports and betting magazine we produce for Ladbrokes.

The app, which can be found in the App Store simply by typing “Ladbrokes” in the search bar, includes a healthy dose of the content from the magazine, repurposed to make the experience of reading the magazine smooth and seamless.

It also includes live, dynamic odds (odds which update in real time as the betting markets change), and a quick, direct link to the betting markets related to each feature simply by turning the iPad to a landscape position.

Our next version will be available in the App Store in time for the Cheltenham Festival, and will include dynamic race cards for all 27 races. As the app is free, take your iPad to Cheltenham with you and save yourself the price of the extortionately priced race cards. Then bet more!