Grand Parade

Grand Parade is a digital creative agency
specialising in high-tech products,
content, design and marketing
for the betting and gaming industry.



Grand Parade recently produced a magazine for Cornflake ( showcasing the work of that company in the field of bespoke home technology.

Cornflake provides audio-visual systems, domestic security solutions and ingenious ways to control it all, to very high-end clients.

They work from the very earliest stages of clients’ renovation and restoration projects, alongside architects and interior designers, to make sure that they identify the equipment and systems that best suits their tastes and needs. Then they integrate everything elegantly – and in many cases, invisibly – into these extraordinary houses.

To illustrate the breadth and depth of Cornflake’s activities, we produced a lifestyle magazine that described their services, but which also looked at the expertise of people working in related activities, such as concert hall designers and sound editors – the kind of people who spend their lives obsessing over the details that enhance a sensory experience to near perfection.