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Data visualisations for Deloitte

Data visualisations for Deloitte

We have recently designed and built a series of dynamic data visualisations for the analytics arm of Deloitte, the professional services giant.

Deloitte, whose UK member company is one of the sponsors of the London Olympics, produced a fantasy Olympics game for their 190,000 staff, plus former employees and invited clients. Players were given 100 credits to spend on “buying” a country in each of 12 event categories (Aquatics, Boat Sports, Racket Sports etc) before the games began. Those countries expected to do best in each category cost more credits, while those with little chance of medal success were cheaper or free.¬†Points were then awarded to players as the Olympics progressed and the various countries won medals.

Our visualisations showed a variety of representations of the data generated by players’ activity, both before and during the Games, segmented and cross-sectioned in a variety of ways, such as levels of player activity in countries around the world, most popular events divided by gender and medals forecast for each country compared to medals actually won by each country.

These visualisations were animated and dynamic, ie they reconfigured to incorporate fresh data as it came in.¬†You can see the visualisations “dashboard” here.

Click any graphic to go through to the full visualisation.