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Grand Parade is a digital creative agency
specialising in high-tech products,
content, design and marketing
for the betting and gaming industry.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

We design and build landing pages, a key stage in online marketing. After potential customers have clicked on banner ads or widgets, there is still a lot of work to do to get them to sign up or take advantage of a promotional offer.  A well-executed landing page can hold their attention and move them towards completing the process.

Our landing pages provide more detail about the promotional offer than the widget or banner can give, and also make the next stage of the journey as simple and quick as possible. Crucially, they often provide contextual detail from the banner that generated the original click, or even from the original Google search.

This means that if you have clicked through a banner showing odds on an Aston Villa match, for instance, the landing page will also show those odds, with a dynamic feed keeping that information up to the minute as odds change.

If you have come through via a Google search, perhaps you have typed in “Aston Villa betting” and picked an option from the Google menu. When you reach our landing page, our contextual keyword technology will ensure that the latest Aston Villa odds, next game and potential winnings will appear, helping to sustain user interest by presenting personalised, and not generic, information.