Grand Parade

Grand Parade is a digital creative agency
specialising in high-tech products,
content, design and marketing
for the betting and gaming industry.

Moo Widgets

Moo Widgets

MOO is a new kind of online printing business. helps customers print business cards, mini cards and post cards. Design is key for everything they do. In March 2011, MOO commissioned Grand Parade to build the first marketing widget based on their new API.

Grand Parade devised an anagram widget. Based on a big old word search, the widget generates hundreds of anagrams for any name a user types in. With one click the prospect customer can create 5 different anagrams on 5 different coloured business cards, which ties in nicely with MOO’s unique selling point: print 50 business cards with 50 different designs. The user can also share his favourite anagram on Facebook and Twitter to drive extra awareness for MOO in the social media landscape.

Give it a go and type your name in the widget on this page and follow the journey.