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Grand Parade is a digital creative agency
specialising in high-tech products,
content, design and marketing
for the betting and gaming industry.

Playboy Hot Market

Playboy Hot Market

Grand Parade built a “Hot Market” for, an interactive device which measures female celebrity star power in terms of the amount of press they receive each day.

The hot market automatically reads Google News Alerts and counts up all the references to individual female celebrities. It then applies an algorithm to measure the amount of news each has received compared to the previous day, calculates that change in relation to the amount of news on the entire market and dynamically displays the figures as if they were stocks on a financial market. The application runs seamlessly day-to-day without the need for human intervention. It doubles as a news aggregator feeding the latest top posts on google for each celebrity.

This device has proved to be a massively successful online marketing and SEO tool for Playboy. The initial objective was to raise revenue by increased page views: for it’s first six months Hot Market averaged 27 page impressions per user.

You can see the hot market at