Grand Parade

Grand Parade is a digital creative agency
specialising in high-tech products,
content, design and marketing
for the betting and gaming industry. Contextual Widget Contextual Widget

The wanted to increase revenue from signing up new accounts to its betting partner. Grand Parade developed a contextual ‘widget’ to place relevant event odds on each sports page with the intention of disrupting the user journey.

GP designed the widgets to mimic the editorial design; the relevance of each ‘widget’ was considered a reader benefit rather than an advert.

The success of the banners was extreme and instant—click throughs compared to previous non-contextual creative went from industry averages of 0.2% to an averge of 1%; coversions—and revenue—increased by 800%. The widgets utilise a single piece of elegant code so that all information is loaded on the fly. This allows the Telegraph to change the display metrics with single commands and update code on all pages.

All GP widgets use our own IP contextual page reading technology. They find relevance from a number of page elements: such as meta tags, text/page scrape, url, and title. Critically, we have also developed tech to read Incoming Google Search term: whatever term was typed into the google search box by the user ‘before’ they clicked on the display page. This is especially useful for widgets to find relevance from badly organised sites or listings sites such as or