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Ten To Follow for The Tote

Ten To Follow for The Tote

In November we unveiled a new digital version of the country’s biggest and most successful horse racing prediction game – the Tote’s Ten To Follow. This hugely popular game attracts hundreds of thousands of racing fans, eager to pick the ten horses – or “stable” – they think will do best over the jumps throughout the season, in search of a first prize of at least £250,000.

The goal was to produce a site and competition engine that made the process of combing through the 400 horses available for selection as simple and engaging as possible, robust enough to effortlessly cope with huge numbers of users, and which enabled players to follow the progress of the own stable at all times.

The site allots points to winners, displays form information on every horse, maintains leaderboards and links to social media, and also runs mini games throughout the jumps season so that players can compete for smaller prizes as they scramble for the big one.

It is also fully transactional – the game costs £5 per stable to play, which is paid into a winner’s pool – and the platform is designed with the intention of being scalable to other fantasy sports games.

Public response to the site was favourable – they found it easy to navigate and use, quick and efficient.