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Timeform Horse Racing Widget

Timeform Horse Racing Widget

In 2009, GP created a horse racing contextual widget that mixes feeds from betfair and Timeform’s APIs to display runners, trainers, jockey, form and the odds along with the details of any of that day’s races.

This unit has been so successful that it still runs throughout betfair’s affiliate network and has formed the basis for newly designed racing widgets ever since. The drop down menus allow users to select chosen track and race. The information provided includes RACE TIME, RUNNERS, SILKS, FORM, DAYS SINCE LAST RUN, JOCKEYS, TRAINERS and ODDS and links to race cards and form guides.

The widget picks up context from the page (it is set to look for UK racetracks) and if no context is picked up it will default to the next race.

There are variations of this widget to cover racing in other countries, or which are customised for use by other media.