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LMAX Contextual Widget

LMAX Contextual Widget

LMAX, the financial trading exchange backed by Goldman Sachs, launched in October 2010. LMAX position themselves as the retail investor’s financial trading platform with their API as the core element of their product and marketing.

Grand Parade was the first company to use the Lmax API for marketing purposes. We were tasked to build a contextual widget, showing relevant live data from LMAX next to articles on their own website and on other financial websites. The widget can find relevance from a number of page elements: such as meta tags, text/page scrape, url, and title. Critically, we have also developed tech to read Incoming Google Search term: whatever term was typed into the Google search box by the user ‘before’ they clicked on the display page.

The LMAX widget is using a database of grouped keywords to show relevant instruments, e.g. if HSBC is found in the context of the page or through an incoming Google search the UK 100 instrument from LMAX is shown in the widget as HSBC is a FTSE 100 company.

The widget is using real-time data with spread prices changing every millisecond and instrument graphs are drawn dynamically in real time using Grand Parade’s technology.