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World Cup Football Widgets

World Cup Football Widgets

For the World Cup 2010, GP created a suite of contextual and data-driven widgets to entice new customers. The most successful was the Mood-o-meter which ran as billboards in major London train stations.

Some of the World Cup highlight widgets include:

MOOD-O-METER: Based on the odds, this widget displayed the mood of the nation (doomed, worried, hopeful, confident, bullish or champions) and the round in which bettors thought their country would be eliminated from the World Cup. Sadly, and correctly, England never got off ANXIOUS. The Mood-o-meter was used in England, Australia, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Russia.

PICK THE FINALISTS: users could pick their finalists and instantly see the odds and potential winnings.

ODDS TRACKER: A dynamic graph predicting the final standings in each World Cup group, the tournament winner and the tournament’s top scorer based on the bets placed in each respective market.